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  • new page Links
    created by BlazePhantom02
    New page: There you go, that is how you solotrick! Check out this video for more help!
    Added video:
    • How to do a Solotrick in!
  • edit Motions~
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  • new page Motions~
    created by BlazePhantom02
    New page: So, now we're here. You now want to know how to do a solotrick. Well, you need at least 8,000 mass for the solotrick to work. (You can use less but,...
  • new page Different keys~
    created by BlazePhantom02
    New page: There are many different keys. But, you only need to know 3 to do this trick. One of the keys is W, but everyone knows what that does, it ejects...
  • edit What is a "solotrick"?
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  • new page What is a "solotrick"?
    created by BlazePhantom02
    New page: Have you ever seen someone in agma put all there mass into one ball and launch themselves? This can be very frustrating sometimes especially if you...
    Summary: I just made an introduction
  • discussion page Welcome!
    comment by TimmyQuivy


    Hello, I'm a member of FANDOM's Community Support team. We're excited to have Solotrick Tutorial Wiki as part of the FAN... 

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